Behavioral support services are intended to empower individuals and families (by leveraging their strengths and unique abilities) to achieve self-determination, interdependence, productivity, integrations, and inclusion in all facets of community life, across all environments, across the lifespan. The behavioral support services provider / behavior consultant is responsible for designing the behavioral support plan (BSP). 

Behavior Support Plans (BSP)

Behavior plans are used to help teach appropriate and proactive alternative behaviors while also minimizing reinforcement of problem behaviors when they do occur. At Indiana ABA Institute, we analyze behavior(s) through the lens of applied behavior analysis (ABA) which is the science of behavior, why it develops and what keeps it going or causes it to decrease. By understanding behavior at a scientific level, our BCs and BCBAs can help support those in need through objective measures and make data-driven decisions in a caring and empirical way.

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