At IABAI, we work to make getting your child the services they need as streamlined and simple as possible. Here’s a summary of the process, which you can expect to take 4-6 weeks:
1. Contact Us

Filling out the online intake form is the fastest way to let us know your needs. We'll contact you once we've reviewed your information.

2. Insurance Verification

After we receive and verify your completed intake form, our team will begin to work to verify your insurance. At IABAI, we are able to accept nearly all kinds of insurance, including Medicaid.

3. Take a Tour

After insurance verification, we'll help you arrange a tour of our clinic to give you a chance to see our facilities and staff. During the tour you'll also have a chance to discuss the entire process covered on this page, ask insurance coverage questions, learn more about ABA and the methods we use, and ask any other questions you might have. You'll also fill out some additional paperwork.

4. Assessment & Treatment Plan

Next your child will be scheduled to come into our clinic for a variety of assessments including a functional behavior assessment (FBA), skills assessments, a Verbal Behavior Milestone Assessment and Program Placement (VB-MAPP) and any other assessments that might be useful. Most of these are done through play and observation.

Then your child will be assigned a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who will develop an individualized treatment plan based on the assessment results and input from you and other caregivers. Treatment plans are made using the empirical research-backed methods of ABA.

5. Insurance Authorization Process

The BCBA's treatment plan and a doctor's verification will recommend a preferred number of hours per week of ABA services for your child. We will use this recommendation to work to secure insurance coverage for those hours, up to 40 hours-per-week.

6. Schedule Placement

We will form a team for your child with our trained Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) to provide one-on-one behavior therapy under supervision of the BCBA.

7. Services Begin

RBTs will begin to implement one-on-one behavior therapy on a schedule developed with you in accordance with staff availability and authorized hours. The BCBA will continually update your child's individualized treatment as your child reaches goals and milestones.

Thank you for choosing IABAI!

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