Welcome to the Indiana ABA Institute! Our goal is to provide high-quality behavior analysis services to meet the needs of our community.

IABAI started in 2010 with only in-home services for a handful of children run by a few staff. Over the years, we have expanded into a full-sized Fort Wayne clinic with (currently) 56 staff and 43 clients. As we have grown, we have expanded with care so as to insure quality of services, which has been our priority from day one.

Who provides our ABA services?

Our individualized, one-on-one teaching takes place with a team of Behavior Technicians. All of IABAI’s technicians have obtained (or are in the process of obtaining) the Registered Behavior Technician credential and work under the direct supervision of one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts. All staff receive continuous ongoing education through hands-on workshops, additional certifications, conferences, and other regular trainings.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA):
  • Oversees client’s ABA services
  • Conducts initial and ongoing assessments
  • Consults with client and RBTs
  • Provides ongoing training for RBTs
  • Conducts parent trainings
  • Must complete a Master’s degree in an ABA-related field, have 1,500 hours of supervised fieldwork, and pass a board exam.
Registered Behavior Technician (RBT):
  • Works 1:1 with clients
  • Runs goals throughout the day
  • Takes real-time data on goals and behaviors
  • Interacts with parents on a daily basis
  • Takes ongoing feedback and supervision from BCBAs
  • Must complete an approved 40-hour training, pass a live competency assessment, and pass a board exam.


Indiana ABA Institute is a homegrown clinic that only operates in NE Indiana and NW Ohio. This allows us to put a focus on services and policies that primarily benefit the local community and client families. All of our admin staff that you may interact with, from our clinical director, to hiring manager, to IT director, to schedule coordinators, to building manager have been an RBT with IABAI in the past. Our BCBAs keep small to moderate sized caseloads (4-8 clients) which allows them to give the client the focus they deserve.

Our well-trained staff are continually learning and advancing their ABA skills and knowledge with monthly mentor meetings, skill goal setting, online trainings, quarterly workshops, professional conference opportunities, and more!

Meet Our Team

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