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Indiana ABA Institute provides individualized Applied Behavior Analysis therapy to children and young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities and behavioral issues. Treatment is provided both in our Fort Wayne clinic and in-home. At IABAI, our goal is to provide high-quality behavior analysis services, using positive approaches, to meet the needs of our community.

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-backed approach which uses positive methods to increase skills and decrease problem behaviors with the goal of helping individuals strengthen relationships and function independently in their homes and communities. ABA is the #1 recommended treatment for autism by the American Medical Association (AMA) and the US Surgeon General. ABA is used in a variety of fields, but it is most popular in the field of autism. It can also be used to treat other diagnosis and teach children with general behavior issues.
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Research has shown behavior analysis to be effective in a variety of areas. With our in-home, community, and clinic-based services, our primary areas of focus are:
One-on-One ABA Therapy
We use ABA to teach communication, interpersonal relations, and independence to individuals with skill deficits, ASD, and developmental disabilities. Problem behavior reduction, verbal behavior training, self-care, toilet training, academic skills training, and vocational training are a few of the areas commonly focused on in our individualized treatment plans.
Social Skills Group Therapy
Our Social Groups aim to provide skills to help your child successfully navigate social situations. We simulate real world social conditions, assisting children of all ages practice and prepare for school, social events, and a variety of other group settings.
Parent & Caregiver Training
IABAI provides extensive training to teach positive approaches to everyday parenting situations and problematic behaviors. The techniques have proven effective with children of all ages.

The IABAI team includes certified BCBAs, extensively trained RBTs, and caring professional support staff.

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2270 Lake Ave, STE 101 Fort Wayne, IN 46805
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E-mail: aba@indianaabainstitute.com Phone: (260) 444-5649

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